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The main rule in German traffic is §1 of the “Strassenverkehrsordnung” (traffic regulation). It says: “Taking part in the traffic needs precaution and respect for others. All participants in traffic have to act in a way that nobody is harmed, endangered or hindered and molested more than in the circumstances necessary.”

That is the basic of all the other regulations and therefore you can derive lots of rules already from that.

It is an offense punishable with a fine and points on your license to run out of petrol on a motorway.

The German Motor Association (ADAC) denies that there is a penalty for a car which has not sufficient gas in the tank and therefore has to park at a German Autobahn.

There are different judgments on situations where cars were standing at an Autobahn, but mainly because there were accidents, where the car was involved or because the car was not sufficiently secured with a warning triangle. With trucks and buses driving at 100 km/h close to cars parked on the side of a Autobahn those cars have to be sufficiently visible for the other cars. This can result in a fine of 40 €.

If you leave your car locked, with its windows open, you can get a 15 € fine.

It is the German law that you have to secure your car against the unauthorized use. Therefore you also have close the windows and not just close the doors. It is similar as the complaint that you have to secure the Wifi with a password. Otherwise anybody could use your extension to do things which are not allowed. In Germany the owner of the extension is responsible for the lawful use of the Internet. Therefore you better secure your car Wifi. You could also take the risk of unlawful use and the resulting fines.

Woman cannot get married within 12 months after she gets divorced, but a man can. (It has something to do with if she is pregnant…it dont matter though if her ex has already got married again)

That is total bullshit. If you are divorced in a public legal procedure both parties can marry the other day. But as a default solution, if the wife doesn’t marry again and gives birth in the next year, it is the assumption that the father is the old husband.

It’s ok to drink beer anywhere you like.

Drinking in public is tolerated in Germany - which doesn't mean it's always legal. But if you want to enjoy a beer on the streets, it's unlikely anyone will stop you. Laws vary from state to state in Germany, but as a rule no one will fine you for drinking in public. Drinking on Berlin streets and on public transportation has technically been illegal since 1999. And why should it be illegal if it is done responsibly? Germans usually make fun about those Americans drinking beer from brown bags. I personally was asked by the police in Los Angeles whether in my brown bag was alcohol. It wasn’t. At the next corner somebody asked me whether I would like to have dope. Nobody cared about it. What is more strange?

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