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Jokes on “Ostfriesen”

Ostfriesland is part of the Northern Germany at the coast of the North Sea. Nobody knows why the Germans  made jokes on those people for a long time. Those jokes usually have a simple question and answer scheme. Some of them are only to understand in German as the use the misunderstanding of words to form the joke. Some people from this area use other groups from more southern parts of Germany or Austria to make jokes with the specialties if the area.


Why do the “Ostfriesen” have a level back of the head?

Because when drinking water the toilet lid always falls on their head.

What happens, if an Austrian moves to Ostfriesland?

The Austrians loose a dumb, the “Ostfriesen” have an additional engineer.

What do the “Ostfriesen” when there is low water?

They sell parcels of land to Austrians.

Why do “Ostfriesen” hang out the door of the Bathroom?

It’s because they don’t want somebody to look through the keyhole.

Why is there low and high tide on “Ostfriesland”?

The sea was so shocked when it saw those “Ostfriesen” that it went back. Now it comes twice a day to check whether they are still there.

Why do the “Ostfriesen” have scratched faces on Monday?

Because the try to use flatware on Sundays.

Two “Ostfriesen” have a conversation. The first says: ”If I drink coffee, I can’t sleep at night.” Says the other: “For me it is totally different. If I sleep I can’t drink coffee.”

What happens if a “Ostfriese” is leaning at a cow?

The cow will fall over because the cleverer gives in.

Why is no “Ostfriese” in Parliament?

They are not so dumb.

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