In the US some people make fun about the Germans, as they don't understand where some behaviors come from.

On the other hand, strange Bavarian habits are regarded as typical German. We will try to give some insight in the German soul, but also make some fun of us. Therefore we start with a German “Gartenzwerg”.

These figures are seen in some German gardens and they lead also to stress in allotment gardens as also not all Germans like this stuff. Garden gnomes and there history are even described in Wikipedia. The German version of Wikipedia shows some strange garden gnomes. One is shown hereafter:

Zwerg mit Messer

Even German courts had to decide on those gnomes which were giving someone the finger or had shown the naked ass. Very problematic became the situation with a gnome holding his arm as Hitler did. Therefore nothing can be so strange that it not can come to the public interest, not at least during summer when the news media don't have anything else to report.

To get a whole collection of German “Gartenzwerg” use the image search of Google.

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